The 8th International Aerial Robotics Competition

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The primary purpose of the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) has been to “move the state-of-the-art in aerial robotics forward” through the creation of significant and useful mission challenges that are ‘impossible’ at the time they are proposed, with the idea that when the aerial robotic behaviors called for in the mission are eventually demonstrated, the technology will have been advanced for the benefit of the world. Mission 8 will build on past missions to demonstrate both enhanced Mission 7 behaviors as well as new aerial robotic behaviors unique to Mission 8.

  • Design

The starship I-Ark is en route to colonize a Class-1 planet in the Proxima Centauri system, approximately 0.89 parsecs from Earth. A reactor failure has occurred and the substitution of a critical component is necessary. There are 5,000 colonists in suspended animation on board. As the ship’s engineer, you have been awakened and released from your hibernation pod by the central computer to fix the problem, but you only have 8 minutes to retrieve the required critical replacement component and install it before the reactor shuts down permanently and all life support systems fail. The reactor is protected by aerial robotic sentries that do not recognize you and will attack you. You have activated four aerial robots to assist you when entering the reactor control room. They will help you locate the necessary replacement component and can counter the attacks of the sentry robots which can kill you.

  • Research Area

1. Global Path Planning and Local Motion Planning

2. Active 3D Dense Map Building

3. Human-Robots Interaction and Decision Making

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